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    Themed Toothpastes
    3 reviews

    Excellent for the kids


    This is our go to toothpaste for our kids, and we've used several over the years. Nice little tube which is a perfect fit for tiny little hands to hold and squeeze onto their brushes.

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    Sukin Naturals
    Hydrating Shampoo
    11 reviews

    Leaves hair smelling nice and soft


    Sukin naturals hydrating shampoo smells nice and feels good on the hair. It left my hair feeling soft and smooth. It contains shea butter and coconut. It reduces frizz. It comes in a 500ml bottle.

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    Summer’s Eve
    Daily Freshness Intimate Wash
    86 reviews

    Gentle & refreshing wash


    Being someone that really had never used an intimate wash before I was pleasantly surprised after using the Summer's Eve Intimate Wash with Aloe & Prebiotics.

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      Dr. Promilla Butani is a leading consulting Pediatrician in South Delhi, and has been working in the…

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      I find it really hard to wear makeup during the summer time! Anyone know any good base makeup wether…

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      Are you currently a part of the Summer Essentials Pack Trial Team? bh have put together a little pack…

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      Does anyone have any recommendations for natural deodorant? I’ve tried a few, none of which I’ve…

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      Hi everyone, My eczema has flared up across my nose and all under my eyes. It's just very flaky not…

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    6. 1572867242

      I love my fake nails but money is tight, so I have turned to the $4 stick on nails from Kmart. I'm more…

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