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    Glam by Manicare
    Glam by Manicare x Bec + Bridge Foundation Brush
    1 review

    Sleek and Sophistocated


    I have used Glam brushes for the last few years because of their quality and affordability but they have just released brushes in Conjunction with Bec & Bridge that are leopard print and they a

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    Collagenix Beauty Dust 5,000mg 15s
    27 reviews

    A good option for a powdered Collagen that tastes ok!


    I tried the Naturopathica Collagenix Beauty Dust for around a month and I really enjoyed it as far as Collagen supplements go.

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    Hunter Lab
    Charcoal Cleansing Stick
    46 reviews

    so handy to use - fresh minty


    I love the packaging of this product. It is leak proof and small enough to carry everywhere without worrying about it being bulky.

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      [Edited post because it was too long and the moment has faded a little so I'm much less wounded about…

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      Hey Beauties, So i’ve recently gotten my hair lightened, always been purple but not had it re-touched…

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      Hi everyone! I'm Stella and I'm a beauty blogger - happy to be here on BH! I'm going to try doing some…

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      What Advent Calenders are out there? Last year i bought a T2 advent calender and really enjoyed it…

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      Where can I find the rules and regulations of this forum? Just making sure I don't go violating these…

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      Hi, just wondering if anyone has been lucky enough to try the new GHD straightener brush? How did you…

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