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    Kiehl’s Apothecary Preparations is a personalised service with tailor-made skincare concentrates that address each customer’s unique skin concerns. Each customer’s personalised facial concentrate is comprised of three distinctive parts: the base Skin Strengthening Concentrate plus two individually selected Targeted Complexes. The two Targeted Complexes are selected with a consultation and diagnosis with a Kiehl’s Customer Representative in order to address two of the following concerns most important to the customer: redness, wrinkles, rough texture, large pores, and dullness. These three components are enclosed in a personalised box for the customer who then mixes them at home.


    Dermalogica Face Fit is an express facial treatment formulated to boost skin radiance and hydration for a noticeably glowing complexion. The 10-minute treatment is fully redeemable on product purchases. Following a Face Mapping Skin Analysis, a professional skin therapist will discuss the customer’s needs and concerns to determine the best treatment option. The following options are available: Dewy Skin, Perfectly Primed, Power Peel, Rapid Hydration Booster, Brilliant Eyes and Rapid Radiance.


    Face Mapping® Skin Analysis

    5/5 stars from 23 reviews

    Dermalogica Face Mapping® Skin Analysis is a complimentary skin examination service performed by Dermalogica experts. The Face Mapping® service combines three aspects for analysis: examination of the skin visually, by touch, and by 'reading' the skin drawing from Chinese Facial Diagnosis. The service begins with a comprehensive consultation, covering general health issues, exfoliation history, sun tolerance and lifestyle, before the face and neck is divided into 14 zones for examination. The service can detect skin issues such as inflammation, breakouts, dilated capillaries, changes in pigmentation, areas of stress, oiliness, dryness, follicular congestion and milia. Face Mapping® Skin Analysis is a complimentary service and available at leading Dermalogica salons, Endota Spas, and selected David Jones stores.

    Latest Review:
    I love dermalogica and i love a good face mapping session. I do find that it really does depend who you get on the day thought. I generally have pretty good skin so i find that my products usually stay… Read full review

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    NIVEA Men
    Sensitive Protect Aerosol Spray Deodorant
    17 reviews



    I am reviewing this product as a man who has used the product. This a great deodorant that works really well for normal day use.

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    Love Beauty and Planet
    Delicious Glow Murumuru Butter & Rose Body Lotion
    1 review



    I just received a pack of Love beauty and planet products to review. Thank you so much beautyheaven.

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    Facial Moisturiser
    230 reviews

    A little bit goes a long way


    I have pretty normal to combo skin occasionally and have found that this moisturiser has done really well at keeping my dry patches at bay, especially heading into winter.

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