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    Ella Baché Find My Balance is a facial treatment that calms and soothes weak and damaged skin, while also helping to improve moisture retention by restoring pH balance. A comforting Facial Treatment designed to repair the acid mantle. Ideal for rebalancing the skin between changing seasons.


    Ella Baché Give Me Strength is a facial that helps to promote skin strength, resilience and calm with a deeply soothing SensiBeautics Facial Treatment. Designed to support delicate skin experiencing stress, sensitivity and inflammation.


    endota spa Glycolic Peel is a therapist-prescribed professional peel. It is made with AHA sugar acids renowned for their smoothing, refining qualities and for stimulating skin renewal.

    $70 (30 mins) / $95 (45 mins) / $120 (60 mins)

    Ella Baché Great Spray Tan is a professional spray tan that provides an immediate bronze tint that dries instantly and develops in two hours. The formula is enriched with moisturising properties.


    Ella Baché Great Tan Without Sun Treatment is a professional fake tan. It includes a full body exfoliation and Great Tanning Cream application with instant bronzers that develop into a natural looking tan that lasts for days.


    endota spa Grounding is a restorative ‘feet treat’ to soothe and revitalise tired aching feet, calm the mind and relax the body.


    Kiss Hand & Nail Mask Gloves are gloves that deeply moisturise, soothe and nourish dry hand skin while helping soften cuticles and strengthen nails. They are specially infused with argan oil to hydrate and prevent wrinkles, collagen to make hands and nails smoother and firmer, and vitamin E to keep skin soft and youthful. Made with touch screen compatible material with a hassle free wrist fixing sticker that allows a custom, secure fit and free movement. Free from parabens, artificial colours, benzophenone, petrolatum and imidazolidinyl urea.

    1 pair of gloves

    Ella Baché Hand or Foot Treatment Mask is a professional body treatment that uses either Thermal Mud or Cooling Mint mask to soothe tired hands or feet.

    Ella Baché Hand or Foot Exfoliation is a professional body treatment that uses either Earth Enzyme Exfoliant or Honey Almond Balm to smooth hands or feet.


    Ella Baché Hand or Foot Treatment is a professional body treatment that combines a personalised exfoliation treatment and a detoxifying mask for ultimate hand and foot rejuvenation.


    Ella Baché Help Me Hydrate Replenish is a hydrating facial treatment that helps to boost moisture levels in dehydrated and extremely dry skin. Includes a specialised plumping massage and Intensive Extreme Regeneration Mask to tone, revitalise and brighten the complexion.


    Ella Baché High Speed Manicure or Pedicure is a professional manicure or pedicure that includes nail shape, buff and polish.


    Ella Baché Honey Almond Balm Body Exfoliant is a professional body treatment enriched with nourishing honey and crushed almonds to gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it soft and supple. It will nourish, repair and moisturise the skin.


    endota spa Hot Rock Massage is a professional footbath and body massage using hot rocks.

    $120 (60 mins) / $170 (90 mins)

    muk Hybrid Cream Hair Color is a hair colour that offers six results, including permanent, blonde toning, demi permanent, intense demi permanent, colour balancing and men’s grey blending. It delivers tone, intensity and longevity, as well as shine and improved hair condition. The PETA-approved, vegan formula contains almost 80 per cent naturally derived ingredients, including baobab oil, avocado oil and Cationic Tri-Plex Compound. It is available in 103 hybrid shades.



    Ella Baché Hydra Cellular Renewal Facial is a professional facial enriched with hyaluronic acid to visibly renew and revive skin texture. It includes a specialised massage prescribed according to individual skin condition and an Extreme Regeneration Mask to hydrate and smooth the skin.


    Ella Baché Hydra Cellular Renewal Facial Treatment is a professional treatment that offers an intensive hydration boost. It saturates dehydrated and extremely dry skin with hyaluronic acid to visibly refine and revive skin texture. This is followed by a specialised massage prescribed according to the individual’s skin condition, and finished with the Extreme Regeneration Mask. 



    5/5 stars from 2 reviews

    endota spa Hydro-Microdermabrasion is a professional facial that uses diamond exfoliation to infuse the skin with intense hydration and brighten, deeply moisturise or treat acne. Advise the therapist if you are pregnant before booking this treatment.

    $75 (30 mins) / $100 (45 mins) / $130 (60 mins) / $600 (Series of 1 x 1 hour and 7 x 30 min treatments)
    Latest Review:
    I have had the normal Microdermabraison facial done before and it was great. But this style of Microdermabraison is amazing! Afterwards my skin feels cleansed, detoxed and refreshed, I have hormonal… Read full review

    endota spa HydroPeptide® Facial is a professional anti-ageing facial that offers anti-wrinkle and brightening results. Highly active peptides and proteins relax expression lines, as well as smooth and tone the skin.

    $90 (30 mins) / $120 (45 mins) / $160 (60 mins)

    endota spa Immerse is a body spa treatment that combines the benefits of a full body exfoliation, including warm oil cocoon, with a scalp and face massage to eliminate tension, rehydrate and smooth the skin. Awaken your senses and nurture mind and body by experiencing both of our signature endota spa Organics™ treatments; our Organics Infusion Facial and Organics Relax Massage in the same treatment. 



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